Improve Maths Training 

Most of our training is organised locally for small groups, usually hosted in a school. This is best value, reducing travel and minimising venue costs. The training offer below is a small sample of our range. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs


  • Urgent Autumn 2022 – ‘Look and listen’ Secure progress for all children by active assessment and focussed tasks to address gaps.
  • Developing procedural fluency
  • Teaching concepts not content
  • Assessing progress in mathematics
  • Secure learning from Early Years to KS1
  • Problem solving in and around the school
  • Increase the impact of teaching assistants


  • Urgent Autumn 2022 – ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ Build GCSE confidence by a focus on big ideas and forging connections.
  • Success in GCSE resits post 16
  • Supporting mathematical reasoning
  • Step up to teach A level maths
  • Designing a scheme of learning Y7 to Y11
  • Assessing progress in mathematics
  • Improve Maths for SEND pupils