Subject Leadership

“Developing a core team of subject leaders (SL) has enabled a consistent and sustainable approach to the demands of the new curriculum, discussing best practice, sharing challenges and supporting each other. The core team has developed a high level of trust and confidence enabling SL to develop their role and attack challenges in a safe and supportive environment.”
Head of School Performance, Multi-Academy Trust

Recent international research is clear1. To drive improvement, leaders at all levels need to:

  • focus on the practical business of teaching and learning.
  • develop themselves as learning-centred leaders.
  • be skilled in helping teachers to improve their practice.

As a maths subject leader, you need strategies to develop and challenge the learning of your team whilst holding them to account for the quality of their work. We have developed a suite of subject specific tools linked with the improvement cycle. The tools will support systematic efforts to tackle internal priorities alongside actions to implement national change. The tools include templates and prompts, for example ‘Improve Maths a sequence to ensure learning is visible.’

Please contact us if you are interested in more information on the Improve Maths Subject Leader Toolkit, or if you would like to explore individual or group support for improved mathematics leadership.

1. Hattie J.A. (Routledge, 2009) Visible Learning – a synthesis of over 800 meta-analysis relating to achievement Robinson, Hohepa and Lloyd (Curee, 2009) School leadership and student outcomes: A summary of Best Evidence Synthesis (BES)