Improve Maths Senior Adviser – Anne

Anne has built this strong team of maths experts and is passionate about her leadership of their work. She is rigorous in quality assurance and flexible in approach so that the team, collectively, provide value for money and maximum impact. She has been involved in leading one of the regional groups for ICCAMS, a large research project funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Honest, direct and perceptive, she will identify practical actions to improve teaching and learning in mathematics classrooms. She does this by convincing teachers to have high expectations of pupil progress and engagement and by using her ‘can do’ attitude to increase confidence and generate enthusiasm.

Anne has over thirty years of experience of teaching and supporting mathematics education. She has worked in primary, secondary, further and higher education, teaching from degree level to basic number skills for adults and children. She was an adviser in a shire authority and worked at a senior national level. Use Anne’s skills to analyse the features of your situation, determine the underlying issues and quickly get to the heart of the matter. Her recommendations will include small steps, to build confidence by having an immediate effect, and longer term strategic actions to build strong teams, robust schemes, good teaching and improved progression.