Improve Maths Adviser – Sandra

Sandra identifies and builds capacity for leadership of teaching and learning in mathematics, often in challenging circumstances. She has a broad background, having worked across a range of subject disciplines at local and national level. This valuable insight into the mathematical needs of a range of subjects informs her training and in-school support of Mathematics across the Curriculum and its application to real life contexts.

She is a chartered mathematician and a member of the schools and further education committee in the Institute of Mathematics. She is also an Ofqual subject expert for mathematics and an outer circle member of the Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education. She is a deep thinker, able to synthesise research into a coherent strategic plan. This approach gives her a clear sense of the structure that is essential to managing change.

Using clearly defined plan-do-review cycles she has supported many teachers to extend their range of subject pedagogy and step outside their comfort zones. Sandra will draw on her experience to give you an honest review of your current practice and will help you to plan a targeted support package. She will work closely with all levels of leadership to identify clear steps to improvement and will model strategies to monitor for direct impact on pupil progress.