Mental Maths in Key Stage 1

We have developed some simple support to improve maths progression in KS1 mental skills and here are our top ten tips to bear in mind when planning for mental maths:

  • Mental maths is at the heart of the KS1 curriculum
  • Every day must provide lots of opportunities for mental maths
  • From time to time, explicitly teach a new mental strategy
  • Use representations and models to develop understanding
  • Provide opportunities to explore and practise any new strategy using hands-on learning
  • Ask children to suggest calculations where the new strategy could be used
  • Focus on mathematical language by clarifying and refining thinking through talk
  • Learning from mistakes is a positive stage, use it to build children’s confidence to ‘have a go’
  • From time to time, offer a variety of examples where children need to choose ‘which strategy?’
  • Ask children justify their choice and explain their method to the rest of the class