Intrigue Year 7 with their Experience of Algebra – Part 1

How to start algebra? How to get the pupils engaged and enthused? How to find out what they know? How to avoid rules, rules and more rules … Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Year 7 pupils should see this as a fascinating topic that gives them a real taste for ‘grown up mathematics’, […]

Intrigue Year 7 with their Experience of Algebra – Part 2

Theme 1: Algebraic relationships: generalising from arithmetic. We believe that gaining insight into the algebraic relationships that underpin number will help pupils understand how to construct and transform algebraic expressions and equations. Arithmagons are one of the early activities – these are problems involving patterns and relationships in numbers. They are a good introduction to writing equations. […]

GCSE 2017 Tier of Entry

Keen to know how your tier of entry decisions affects your GCSE maths outcomes? Take our survey and we’ll let you know ……..  We had a great response to our tier of entry survey which meant we could summarise a good-sized set of data and feedback the overall picture to contributors at the end of […]