Analysing the 2017 GCSE papers alongside your GCSE maths results

We hope you are celebrating your GCSE results for 2017. It’s been a tricky year to say the least!  

We’ve been working on development materials based on this year’s GCSE papers.  Watch this space for ideas based on:

  • GCSE 2017 Overlap Question – We took some of the 2017 GCSE papers and identified the questions which appeared on both the foundation papers and the higher papers, i.e. the ‘overlap questions’. We copied them, sliced them into individual questions and worked with subject leaders to sort them in different ways…..
  • Assessing problem solving in GCSE 2017 – We used the ACME publication ‘Problem solving in mathematics: realising the vision through better assessment.’ To analyse some of the GCSE questions to see what elements of problem solving were included …..

In the meantime, you may be wondering about how your tier of entry decisions affected this year’s GCSE outcomes. We would strongly recommend that you look at this in detail, especially for the students you expected to gain grade 4 or grade 5. If you would like to set your own analysis alongside that of other schools, then you may wish to add to our GCSE tier of entry survey.

We are pulling together a picture of how the new papers and tiers appear to work for different prior learning groups. We have asked all the schools who contributed to part 1 of the survey to let us know their results by tier and by prior learning group.  We will do a speedy analysis and give swift feedback.

It is not too late to take part. Follow this link and complete pages 1 to 4 to share your tier of entry choices and pages 5 and 6 which detail your results.